From initial search to creating an applicant pool and vetting them, here’s how to hire the best leadership CV writer. 

It’s always better to leave it to the professionals. It’s the reason a recent study indicates up to 68% of professionals who contract expert CV writers get a new position within 90 days. 

It’s the same reason you’re gunning for your next leadership role. Out there is a UK company with a vacant leadership position, hoping for a professional with the requisite skill set. 

It’s all about who has professional skills. Therefore, hiring a skilled leadership CV writer to revamp and improve your professional profile is the better option. 

But of course, that creates another problem, where do you find a leadership CV writer? And when you find a bunch of them, do you know how to choose the best professional CV writer for your specific needs? 

Lastly, you also have to consider the cost and financial implications attached. When you put all these factors together, it can get quite overwhelming.

That’s why we’ve prepared this guide to help you find the best CV writer in the UK. Here are the simple details you need to know. 

Why You Should Hire a Professional Leadership CV Writer

In our experience, it helps to understand why you need something if you want to find the best version of it. For example, if you understand why you need good food, you’ll know what a great meal looks like and where to find it. 

The same applies when you want to hire a leadership CV writer. You must be clear on why you need to find the writer best suited to your needs. 

The first reason to find a CV writing service is the inability to undertake the task yourself. It isn’t that you aren’t competent enough or ready for the position. You’re only having difficulty compressing your experience and selling points into one or two pages. 

Conversely, a professional CV writer has the skill and experience to do that for you. For example, they can take the most complex representation of all your competencies and break it into bit-sized understandable nuggets. And you don’t have to worry about the info losing its relevance or desired effect.

For context, imagine a pro CV writer portraying all your years of experience in a few lines and still capturing the most crucial details. Essentially, they’ll use punchy, specialist writing to catch any hiring manager’s attention.

Also, hiring a pro CV writer will help you avoid common mistakes that can undermine your CV. The best leadership CV writers in the UK use modern standards to meet the recruiter’s expectations. Plus, they know the best format to maximise your chances for the interview and the job.

Lastly, letting someone else handle the task saves time and allows you to focus on other equally important things. Essentially, it affords you more time to work on yourself and put other things in place to become a more suitable candidate for your target leadership role. 

Where to Find Leadership CV Writers

It takes a writer with a comprehensive understanding of a leadership role’s requirements to craft a document that can aid your cause. Here’s where to find and hire a leadership writer who ticks this box. 


There’s a popular opinion that a LinkedIn profile is the social media version of your CV.  What better place to find someone to help you create your CV than a platform where people market themselves with their “online CV”?

LinkedIn is one of the most accessible places to find top CV writers in 2022. In fact, if you want someone to review your CV free of charge, you have a better chance of finding them on LinkedIn. There are stories of random people reviewing LinkedIn profiles and giving unsolicited suggestions on improving them. 

LinkedIn is home to many professional leadership CV writers searching for their next client. And making a hiring choice is easier since CV writers can include recommendations and a portfolio on their LinkedIn profiles. 

Start your hiring process by entering the phrase “Leadership CV writer” in LinkedIn’s search bar. For more accurate results, enclose the query in quotation marks. Then, take your time to review the profiles of every individual in the search result.

Google Search

Executing a quick Google search is one of the most reliable ways to find anything online. Simply type key phrases like “best CV writer UK”, and you’ll have an exhaustive list within seconds. 

Using Google is straightforward, and you can always increase search result accuracy by making your queries more specific. For example, say you work in finance and need a leadership CV writer to help you land a target role in London. 

You can make your search queries more specific by typing “London leadership CV writer with finance experience”. 

But aside from that, everything else works similarly to a LinkedIn search. So, once the results return, you still need to take your time filtering through to choose the right CV writing service for the job.

Dedicated Platforms

Several platforms serve as dedicated marketplaces and hubs where people who need specific services can connect with expert providers. These marketplaces enable you to find freelancers for a quick task and are accessible within the UK. 

Marketplaces like Fiverr and Upwork boast several talents, and you’re sure to find competent CV writing service providers there.

However, you should exercise caution when you hire leadership CV writers from freelance platforms. These platforms are also home to several posers who are not as competent as they portray on their profiles.

Important Considerations Before You Hire a Leadership CV Writer

At this point, you should have an exhaustive list of CV writers and services available for hire. The next challenge is how to choose the best leadership CV writer. 

Here are the next steps to follow: 

Research and Understand how They Work

You must grasp how a CV writing service works before employing them. Particularly, you must be familiar with how a CV writing agency works — from the first contact point to eventual CV delivery. 

Disappointingly, several CV writers in the UK simply give out questionnaires to their clients and then churn out half-true documents at the end. They don’t take time to interview and get to know their clients before doing their “magic.”

But, the leadership CV writer you’ll hire must be willing to interview you personally and requests your involvement in the entire process. That means they should call and exchange emails with you as often as possible while creating your CV. 

In conclusion, it’s better to avoid any CV writer that simply gives you a questionnaire to fill out or doesn’t offer revisions.

Read Customer Reviews

You should check out their reviews, especially if your list of possible CV writing services is from a Google search. Read as many third-party and client reviews as possible about potential CV writing services. You can even go as far as checking popular review websites like Trustpilot and Yelp.

Furthermore, you want to be particularly careful of reviews you find on non-authority sites. People can pay money for good reviews on random websites even when they don’t deserve them. But, authority websites often provide more accurate, unbiased reviews.

Also, remember that it may be somewhat difficult to find reviews on individual freelance writers. So you’ll have a better chance of using this idea when dealing with agencies rather than individuals.

Look At the Writers and Not the Agency

Every agency is an entity or a business. However, some people work for and serve that agency’s interest. Hence, it’s better to look closely at the people before partnering with any agency.

So, research their employees before hiring an agency for your CV writing needs. Check for necessary competencies and proficiency among their ranks. The more qualified personnel a CV writing service has, the better your chances of getting a quality CV from them. 

You can simply check the company’s website for their team. If they don’t specify their team members on the website, check the company’s LinkedIn page to see if credible writers are working for them.

Compare the Cost to Benefit

Service costs are an important consideration in the bid to hire a leadership CV writer. Signing a losing deal makes no sense. Similarly, signing up with an agency delivering overpriced services not worth their fees sounds ridiculous. 

The paragraph above isn’t a licence to go for the cheapest writer you can find. Instead, consider all the agencies you have shortlisted, compare their costs and choose the CV writing service with the best cost-benefit rating. 

That way, you’ll get the most value for your money and increase your chances of getting an interview. 

Hiring a leadership CV Writer: What to Look for in a CV Writer or Writing Service

Earlier, we mentioned looking at the writers and not the agency before you hire them for your leadership CV. Here are the essential points to look for before choosing a CV writing service or writer.

Review Their Background Education and Other Credentials

The best leadership CV writers in the UK don’t just pop out from under a rock or some relative obscurity. They always have some history, qualifications and necessary experience enabling them to create efficient CVs regardless of the role. 

An excellent leadership writer will have experience as a career counsellor or in some recruiting capacity. At least, the individual will have sufficient HR hiring knowledge. These competencies form the basis for their leadership CV writing skills. So, your best bet is to hire writers or agencies with such portfolios.

You may also want to consider the CV writer’s academic degree and other qualifications before hiring them. 

For example, we recommend checking if they have a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Do they have other certifications relevant to CV writing? All these are also noteworthy considerations for selecting a CV writer.

English is the UK’s preferred degree qualification and language for CV writing. And while the writer probably didn’t learn CV writing as part of their school curriculum, a solid background in the English language helps. Therefore, English Literature or Journalism degrees are the most appropriate academic qualifications.

Gauge the Experience Level in Years and Turnout Volume

You can quickly determine how much a CV writer knows by asking how long they’ve been doing it. For example, a leadership CV writer who’s been in it for five years should have more experience than a colleague who only started a year ago.

But, experience isn’t just a function of how many years a CV writer has spent writing. You should also consider the volume of work they spent those years doing. So, instead of simply looking at how long, you can also ask how many CVs they’ve delivered recently.

Interestingly, someone who has only been in the business for three years may have written more CVs than someone who has been doing it for five years. In that case, the former has more experience and offers a better chance of delivering stellar results. 

For a leadership CV, it’s better to look for someone with at least five years of consistent CV writing experience. We don’t mean to undermine the abilities of less experienced CV writers. But you stand a better chance with veteran CV writers because they have a wealth of experience to create just what you need.

Strong Writing Skills

We can’t emphasise this requirement enough. Choosing to hire a leadership CV writer with suspect writing abilities is a counter-productive move. 

High-quality writing is one of the attributes of an acceptable CV. And without it, stuffing a leadership CV with all your achievements will be meaningless.

It’s worth noting that 77% of recruiters disqualify candidates due to spelling mistakes and poor grammar. Therefore using this data as a reference, imagine when the stakes are high, as in the case of leadership job applications. 

Then again, strong writing skills don’t end with being able to write an error-free CV. The leadership CV writer must also know the right words to use. They must have an extensive vocabulary and the ability to use industry-correct phrases to portray client competencies. 

Additionally, persuasive writing skills are a plus as they make the work easier for you and the leadership CV writer. With such skills, the writer can create compelling CVs that’ll make your path to the leadership role easier.

By looking through their previous work, you can easily know how good a leadership CV writer is in this regard. If you can’t find a portfolio online, request samples from them to help you gauge their skill level.

Must Be Familiar With CV ATS Optimisation

Recruiters often get several CV entries for the average leadership position. But of course, you can’t expect them to spend precious time reviewing every single one of those CVs to shortlist a few for an interview. That’s why recruiters use applicant tracking software to sort and shortlist viable applicant CVs.

It’s worth noting that ATS systems reject up to 75% of CVs they check. Consequently, ensuring it passes ATS screening is a primary consideration when creating a leadership CV.

Unfortunately, you probably don’t know how to optimise your CV for ATS screening, and the average CV writer probably doesn’t. So you have to work with an expert who has been doing it for years.

2022’s top leadership CV writers always know the right power words for a CV, depending on the job description. They know the right keywords and the best places to insert them. So, you can rest assured of their ability to create a leadership CV that passes any ATS screening with flying colours.

Cost Considerations When Hiring Leadership CV Writers

Unfortunately, there’s no average price range for CV writing services. Firstly, the industry is so unregulated and diluted by freelancers that it’s challenging to establish a pattern of how CV writing agencies determine their fees. And more often than not, the amount you’ll pay for the service will come down to your bargaining skills. 

That said, 2022 market conditions dictate that you shouldn’t expect to pay any less than  £200 to hire a professional leadership CV writer in the UK. This means avoiding self-acclaimed leadership CV writers whose services cost way too low. Often, they only offer subpar results and only charge that low to lure unsuspecting clients.  

It’s possible to get a good deal on how much a new leadership CV costs. For instance, you can negotiate discount pricing if you get a new CV alongside a colleague. 

However, don’t always count on cheap services. Instead, look for a professional writer who may charge a premium but will provide top-quality writing for you.

FAQs About Hiring a CV Writer

What other questions do you have on how to hire a professional CV writer? Check the FAQs below for the answers to some of them.

Are CV Writing Services Worth the Money?

The decision to hire a professional leadership CV writer is worth the money. Generally, you should get a highly professional leadership CV when you hire veteran writers. This one-time payment for professional service is always worth 

Does a Professional CV Guarantee Employment?

The short answer is no. Professional CV writers only have better writing skills and an understanding of what recruiters want to see in a CV. 

Their job is to structure your CV, so it interests the recruiter enough to request an interview or some other assessment form. Needless to say, that’s not enough to get you the job.

At the very least, you’ll still have to take and ace the interview to get the job. But by then, the CV writer and their write-up will be primarily out of the picture.

Overall, a professional CV may guarantee a sit-down with the recruiter, but it most likely won’t get you a leadership role immediately.

Hire the Right Leadership CV Writer

This blog proves there are many considerations to the question of how to hire a leadership CV writer. The best part is we’ve covered it all in comprehensive detail.

From finding viable applicants to assessing their skills and competencies, we’ve explored what to look for in a leadership CV writing service. After all, we’re a CV writing service that ticks all the boxes listed above. 

The CV Expert has reputable experience preparing bespoke CVs for directors, business leaders and specialists. Our patented writing process allows us to deliver stellar results in 48 hours.

Contact us to learn more! We’re always happy to discuss CVs and related issues.  

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