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A Bespoke CV for C-Level, Board level and Non-Executive Directors

The average board hiring for an executive position will vigorously scrutinise each applicant’s profile. In addition, they’ll often assess each applicant’s achievements & previous awards to determine individual capacity to add value and drive company goals.

Therefore, the ideal custom CV for directors and executives is one that easily conveys value and impact in previous executive roles. The best executive CV writers prepare a document that differs from a traditional resume. Where resumes primarily focus on skills and competencies, executive CVs focus on the person behind these qualities.

Our recruitment experience indicates hiring companies want to know more about any prospective executive’s persona. They have questions like what awards have you received for your work, do you have the respect of industry peers and are there any special recognitions for your executive skills. Our bespoke executive CV writing services will help you answer those questions and more.

Here at The CV Expert, we’ll use the finest writing skills to highlight your leadership skills, industry knowledge, career experience and professional achievements. Our initial interview and research skills help us match your bespoke executive CV to the target employer.

Instead of containing surface information, we’ll load your executive CV with nitty-gritty details that qualify you for high-level positions where organisations conduct persistent research on all candidates. Our executive CV writing services incorporate interview-producing strategies and subtle keyword alignments to emphasise qualifications for your target role.

The CV Expert’s Executive Touch

Focus on Achievements

The board level and non-executive directors we service have had long careers littered with numerous professional achievements. Our specialist CV writers and editors will list relevant achievements near the top of your bespoke resume. We also include specific details like numbers of years worked on each project, any specific team leadership initiatives, names of awards received and the long-term impact of previous achievements.


Professional Experience

With an executive CV, it’s always better to include previous experience that’s relevant to the role in question. We’ll start with the most recent position held and work our way backwards, plotting a clear career path that proves extensive experience in the field. Our specialist CV writers will include credentials like training programmes, number of team members managed and other proficiency demonstrating details.



The ideal executive resume is packed with proof of executive leadership skills. The CV Expert will always go the extra step to include any board membership roles in your resume. We’ll draw from any leadership experience with volunteer organisations, the local government, charitable organisations and professional committees.


Core Executive Skills

We’re the leading CV writers because we have industry experience. We know what a board of directors wants to see in a prospective executive applicant. Our executive CV writing services comb through your career and work experience, identifying areas that indicate core executive skills. We’ll list soft and technical skills, incorporating subtle keyword infusion to impress ATS algorithms.

Our long list of reputable clients is precisely the kind of experience and industry know-how you want handling your executive CV.  Plan for your next executive position now.

Leverage our extensive global experience in Recruitment and Executive Search across a multitude of industries. We have seen, reviewed and written thousands of CVs; we know what employers look for and what it takes to get hired.

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