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Helping Navigate the Complexities of Today’s Job Market

Who are we?

We know what it takes to get hired in an increasingly competitive job market

The CV Expert is home to a collection of bright minds set on a single problem: how difficult it is to get hired in a competitive job market. The CV writing team comprises career professionals in different core UK recruitment niches. Our experience covers cross-border search and recruitment, job placement, career management and HR.

These specific experiences mean we’ve reviewed and assessed thousands of resumes in different niches. And over that time, we uncovered a gaping deficit in CV quality. Many a time, we’ve come across the best talents in leadership and executive positions unable to present themselves adequately via a CV.

And why should they? Why not pawn off the long hours that go into writing a quality CV to expert CV writing services?

These questions are the motivation behind The CV Expert. More than others, we understand the inside knowledge that recruiters and managers use to make hiring decisions. And our goal is to use that information to help mid-level personnel and prospective business executives succeed in the UK’s hugely competitive job market.


The Journey So Far

For the better part of the last decade, we’ve built a reputation for providing first-rate CV writing services across multiple verticals. The numbers show a high success rate in helping clients find new positions. This data means we’re expert CV writers that top executives and business leaders can trust.

By strategically leveraging our combined corporate and hiring experience, we’ve built a team that consistently delivers professional services, industry-specific expertise and CV writing excellence without fail.

Our clients are busy career professionals without the luxury of time to prepare a CV. Most of our clients recognise CV writing isn’t their strong suit. Hence, they rely on our array of bespoke CV writing services to do the job.

Our long list of clients includes CFOs and CEOs of global organisations, tech and data analysts, COOs, SaaS company managers and more.

We’re not limited to specific niches or regions. Our team of CV writers and project supervisors have working experience in the US, UK and other parts of Europe. Therefore, we’ll always meet those lofty international CV writing standards.


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