Spotlight valuable skills as you make a mid-career switch.


A Bespoke CV for Managers, Principals and Junior Directors

Competition in the UK job market has never been stiffer. So, mid-level professionals looking to make the next career progression need a CV that perfectly demonstrates their qualities, experience, and X-factor.

At this point in your career, relying on a job title or brand name to get that interview won’t cut it. Instead, your mid-career CV must demonstrate why you’re better than the competition.

The CV Expert’s mid-career CV writing package is ideal for professionals a few years beyond entry-level positions. You’re no longer limited to a single page on your resume. Furthermore, resume writing standards have likely changed since your last job application. A bespoke mid-level CV from us is the perfect opportunity to update and reorder your primary career marketing material.

Why Choose Our Mid-Career CV Writing Services

Highlight Accomplishments

We’ll deliver strong mid-career resumes optimised to highlight your accomplishments across your career so far. Our detailed questionnaire and interview steps help us get the info we need. Our goal is to present your work quality in the finest stead, making sure you stand out from the crowd of other applicants.


Relevant Skills

Whether through networking, exposure or intentional training, your skills have changed since your last resume. Plus, we know the latest keywords and relevant skills prospective employers want in the ideal hire. Our specialist mid-career CV writers will structure your resume to spotlight these key skills.


Detailed Descriptions

Those one-liners in your CV won’t cut it. As the leading provider of CV writing services, we have the experience to explain your job responsibilities so far. Your bespoke mid-career CV will include descriptions of past projects, clients & accounts, and teams supervised. These descriptions will cover your pertinent contributions, results (backed up by data), accomplishments and creative solutions.


Career Progression

Making the next mid-career switch is easier when your CV charts a clear career progression path. Our expert mid-career CV writers will dedicate more detail and space to your recent career work. We’ll also customise descriptions, telling the story of your career in a manner relevant to future job targets.


Match Resumes to Jobs

Our top-level mid-career CV writers have mastered the delicate act of matching the resume to target jobs. So, instead of packing the document with every turn and twist of your career so far, we’ll focus on relevant skills and work experience in line with your dream job. After all, we’re all about your career progression.

Our long list of reputable clients is precisely the kind of experience and industry know-how you want handling your mid-career CV. Plan for your next mid-career position now.

Leverage our extensive global experience in Recruitment and Executive Search across a multitude of industries. We have seen, reviewed and written thousands of CVs; we know what employers look for and what it takes to get hired.

How it works

Our system is designed to be as simple and easy as possible

Choose your package

We offer multiple options depending on your level of seniority and how fast you need your new CV.

Information Gathering

We’ll then send you questions to answer about your objectives, accomplishments and career history.

First Draft

Your industry-specific writer will write a first draft using our proven, results driven format. You’ll then have a chance to review it and make any final amends.

Final Delivery

We’ll send you the final version of your CV in Word .docx and PDF versions for you to send out directly to recruiters or employers.

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